Ben Wann, IoT Software Architect

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Why me?

  • A Senior Technology leader, who loves all things internet (and all of its things!)
  • Relentless problem solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Dedicated to delivery
  • Fun
  • Natural Leader

I have 20 years of technology experience spanning a number of different industries. Most recently, I have been designing and building an IoT platform for the commercial cooking industry. This work included embedded systems design, cloud architecture, high scalability networking, web application design, and custom networking protocols. Leading is where I land most naturally, and most recently have a mixture of engineering direct reports as well as subject matter expert responsibilities.

Performing high profile technology demos, partnering with product development teams, fostering innovation, building hardware / software prototypes, and evangelizing technology strategy. My passion for technology, my skillset, and my ability to communicate clearly allow me to uniquely bring highly technical solutions, business acumen, and consultative selling to both internal and external customers.