About Me

I am a software engineer from St.Louis, MO, USA. When I am not committing code for my employer, I passionately researching and teaching myself new techniques for making a better, faster, and more open and secure internet. One of my favorite courses in college was a a survey course on the history of programming languages.


I love being on a team. Being a good teammate is a lesson I have been learning since I first started playing team sports. There are times where you are the tie that binds, and other times you will be found wanting. Strong teams are reflective, and are always trying to get better. I am motivated by people who are passionate AND pragmatic. Every solution need not be elegant, sometimes the economics dictate a different path.


I am happily married and have 3 kids (2 boys and a girl). I also have 2 dogs.


  • Student of History (all forms with an emphasis on tech)
  • Wikipedia of trivia
  • Energetic
  • Self-Deprecating Humor
  • Natural Leader
  • Delivers with little / no supervision
  • Driven by results


The below picture shows a project I did while in college. We built a machine using regulated power supplies, oscilloscopes, integrated circuit chips, and strong team work. I was in charge of the hardware team. It helped that we had students in the class that have gone on to work in aerospace, mechanical engineers, twitter, etc. This project was the first since its inception that it worked every time we turned the machine on. This was a testament to a rigorous hardware unit testing procedure we did to ensure that components worked individually and could be decoupled and tested for correctness.

A visiting outside observer from NVIDIA mentioned that he had never seen a project so well put together by a group of undergraduates.

Medewsa Computer

Medewsa Computer

My First Colocated 42U Rack