Think Distributed: A Cool new site with conversations about Distributed Systems
This website is hosting some very interesting conversations regarding distributed systems and topics on concurrency.  The above link is to a conversation about Causality. The root of the conversation deals with how systems can maintain the consistency of a state of a database or a document.  Warning: The conversation is very scholarly, but it does a really nice job at describing the current best theories on concurrent data systems.

I use BigCouch at the company I work for, where we build Kazoo, a distributed communications platform for Voice / Video / Text etc.

I will no doubt be continuing to watch these conversations over at

Diet Day 4

Another day down.
Rachel made me another spinach salad with goat cheese and chicken. Probably a cheat with the champagne pear vinaigrette dressing, but I still have to identify as human throughout this process right? 🙂

Dinner was a steak and steamed zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Missed breakfast today, and need to build that habit to really jump start my metabolism ( and more importantly do the same thing as my boy Liam).

Finished day 4 of the 30 day shred, physically I felt ok going into tonight, need to remember to push myself and not go through motions. Level 1 is still kicking my ass, so I think I should stay there until I can give a little ass kicking back myself.

On a spiritual note, I am finding that this process is making me feel better about myself and what else I am doing. I believe that my Heavenly Father Mother doesn’t make better material things, but he / she provides the essence of “care” and I should consciously recognize that I am reflecting that quality into the world. In the end Love takes us all the way, and I am actively tapping more into it 🙂

Diet Day 3

Well I am still doing it. Had more hard boiled eggs for breakfast, going to have to find a way to make them exciting (tobasco sauce?)

Had more left over grilled chicken and zucchini for lunch. Brought turkey lunch meat and Colby jack cheese and made Rollups, those were good.

Did day 3 of the shred today, and I am doing much better. Still doing modified push-ups, but I am not really strong upper body ( never really was to tell the truth) and I am working on form over pride (thanks ammo). Really feeling good about this process 🙂 Today I got my friend Jim, who has been dieting using nutrisystem, to do day 1 of the shred. He is a beast, and has been really doing well on his diet. We are using fitocracy to track our progress and motivate each other. Go Jim! Mike from work has been a big support as well and is doing really well at his Atkins diet.

All in all, there is a lot of progress going on these days. I think it is all due to Liam and Brooklyn being as awesome as they are 🙂

Diet Day 2

Hard boiled eggs this am, ate two of em.
Had grilled chicken for lunch and zucchini. Not enough water today, need to do better.

Rachel made flank steak for dinner and also an awesome spinach salad.

Did day 2 of 30 day shred, holy hell I just got hit by a Mack truck again, but feel much better today. Rachel and I did level 1 for 20 minutes, sweet lord that is hard when you are out of shape. Haven’t felt this out of shape since the early days of college football camp.

Atkins Diet Day 1

Starting new diet today, Atkins diet to be specific.
Need to lose about a hundred pounds, and going to start with diet. Rachel is convincing me to do 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels as well, maybe in a few days.

Today’s dinner grilled chicken breasts, zucchini, and no sugar raspberry lemonade.

Running BIND locally on OSX

Reached the point this evening where I got sick of editing /etc/hosts when doing local development on my MacBookPro.

I have learned enough lately configuring and installing BIND9, that I mustered up the courage to get it running on (theres no place like home).

Using this new fangled Google machine, I drummed up this tasty post.  OSX comes packaged with BIND (named is the daemon name), but it is disabled.  This post gets you setup and running.

The important thing I have to add to this topic, is that I could not for the life of me figure out what I added my local zone file called mysite.local (versus for a production BIND DNS server) it would not respond to queries.  Back to the google.

I search for the phrase “osx bind cant ping local domain”, and wouldn’t you know it, the Google machine came through again.  I found this post dating back from 2002 that solved the problem.  Seeing the date of 2002, I was skeptical since BIND has had some many advances since then, and of course OSX is a totally different beast, but I was desperate.  Low and behold they were correct though.  It appears that Bonjour will snag queries for domains with TLD of “.local”, thereby cutting BIND completely out of the deal.

I am sure that there is some configuration that could get one past this, but I am fine just moving my local development domains to .net and calling it a job well done.

Thanks Google machine, what in the world would I do without you! (No seriously, I realized the other day, that I would be 1/100th the programmer I am today, not to mention the productivity and speed, without modern search engines like Google).