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Think Distributed: A Cool new site with conversations about Distributed Systems This website is hosting some very interesting conversations regarding distributed systems and topics on concurrency.  The above link is to a conversation about Causality. The root of the conversation deals with how systems can maintain the consistency of a state of a database or a document.  Warning: The conversation is very scholarly, but it […]


Here is a helpful Subversion Command to set the svn keyword svn:ignore on all of the directories from a certain location. svn propset svn:ignore ‘*’ . This has proven very helpful in situations where I have a web site that has a directory structure that is dynamic to the web application. I do not want […]

Text* Snippets: Recursively remove all .svn directories [shell] [svn] [bash]

Text* Snippets: Recursively remove all .svn directories [shell] [svn] [bash] I am always looking for this command. Usually, you if you need a code base without the .svn directories, you can just do an svn export. This is especially good for deploying to web applications from known revisions/releases inside of version control. Sometimes however, there […]