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I bring my own router

Today I needed to work from a coffee shop since my cable modem went on the fritz last night.  I use virtual box to virtualize a Kazoo cluster on my laptop with 10 linux servers.  I kicked around a complicated NAT’ing scheme for port range forwarding, but I wanted to keep things simple at the […]

Kazoo – ETS is Magic

I work on a product called Kazoo.  Kazoo is written in erlang.  Lately at work, those of us on the Platform team have been having a conversation about a language feature known as ETS (erlang term storage). The end of the conversation pretty much always concludes that Erlang ETS == Magical I have been down […]

Grace Hopper – Bad Ass CompSci Grandma

Thanks for the awesome doodle logo Google!  Anyone who does not know the scope to which Grace Hopper affected all of our lives, should read her wikipedia page.  Ending with the rank of Navy Rear Admiral, she coined the phrase “debugging” by getting a moth to be removed from one of the early computers (they […]

Running BIND locally on OSX

Reached the point this evening where I got sick of editing /etc/hosts when doing local development on my MacBookPro. I have learned enough lately configuring and installing BIND9, that I mustered up the courage to get it running on (theres no place like home). Using this new fangled Google machine, I drummed up this […]

Mercurial Add All Unversioned File

Needed to add a bunch of files to my (mercurial) hg repo and realized that a command I use all the time in subversion (svn) repos. hg st | grep ? | sed ‘s/? *//’ | xargs hg add Break it down for ya.  Remember the “|” unix character takes the results of stdout and […]