TIL from Hacker News: Supermicro ARM Computers

I have been working with embedded linux on ARM microprocessors for about the last decade now, and I have come to appreciate the solid performance, tooling, and overall awesomeness of the ecosystem. Its not a surprise that it has broken out of the battery powered / embedded space into personal computing (M1 / M2 Macs, Chromebooks, Microsoft Surfaces), the cloud (AWS, GCP, and Azure all offer ARM server instances), and today I saw that one of my favorite makers of servers, Supermicro, is stating that they will soon release an ARM server chassis! I think this is a really great outcome for the server market and Enterprise. Of course, this means that software vendors will have to really start to embrace the ARM chipset and deploy binaries, docker containers, etc that embrace this, but it will be good for the industry when they do.