Diet Day 4

Another day down.
Rachel made me another spinach salad with goat cheese and chicken. Probably a cheat with the champagne pear vinaigrette dressing, but I still have to identify as human throughout this process right? 🙂

Dinner was a steak and steamed zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Missed breakfast today, and need to build that habit to really jump start my metabolism ( and more importantly do the same thing as my boy Liam).

Finished day 4 of the 30 day shred, physically I felt ok going into tonight, need to remember to push myself and not go through motions. Level 1 is still kicking my ass, so I think I should stay there until I can give a little ass kicking back myself.

On a spiritual note, I am finding that this process is making me feel better about myself and what else I am doing. I believe that my Heavenly Father Mother doesn’t make better material things, but he / she provides the essence of “care” and I should consciously recognize that I am reflecting that quality into the world. In the end Love takes us all the way, and I am actively tapping more into it 🙂