Diet Day 3

Well I am still doing it. Had more hard boiled eggs for breakfast, going to have to find a way to make them exciting (tobasco sauce?)

Had more left over grilled chicken and zucchini for lunch. Brought turkey lunch meat and Colby jack cheese and made Rollups, those were good.

Did day 3 of the shred today, and I am doing much better. Still doing modified push-ups, but I am not really strong upper body ( never really was to tell the truth) and I am working on form over pride (thanks ammo). Really feeling good about this process 🙂 Today I got my friend Jim, who has been dieting using nutrisystem, to do day 1 of the shred. He is a beast, and has been really doing well on his diet. We are using fitocracy to track our progress and motivate each other. Go Jim! Mike from work has been a big support as well and is doing really well at his Atkins diet.

All in all, there is a lot of progress going on these days. I think it is all due to Liam and Brooklyn being as awesome as they are 🙂