1. When it comes down to it, these two are, on the issues, near identical. So it is hilarious in a cry-myself-to-sleep sort of way that there is so much bickering over the “differences”. At the end of the day, they are both politicians and lawyers, and neither provide a new direction for the country. Granted, McCain is all about “staying the course”, particularly in the most crucial of areas, foreign affairs and the economy. The Dems do not offer much better alternatives. In fact, it seems that no candidate besides Congressman Paul wants to actually reduce the financial burden taxes impose on ordinary people.

    For me, it comes down to one thing…which candidate puts control of my life in my hands? Senators Obama and Clinton’s ideas have been estimated to increase the budget by $100-$300 billion with McCain not too much less than that. Paul’s ideas should decrease the budget by several hundred million dollars. Imagine 10% more income per year? Paul wants to get rid of the income tax. Surely that would help stimulate the economy? Paul wants to remove all military presence in the world, shutting down our empire and getting back to our roots of being a Republic. That’s $3 trillion being spent back here rather than abroad. Paul wants to increase personal property rights, allowing people to defend their land better from polluting companies and individuals.

    I do not want the government to hold my hand and support me. Governments are, by their very nature, power-hungry. The three candidates do nothing to abridge that hunger. Paul does, and in so doing, keeps us safer from domestic abuses, while strengthening our abilities to defend ourselves from foreign abuses.

    Let the states and private industry take care of social needs. The federal government needs to butt out of our lives and do what the Constitution asked it to do: provide sound money (which it’s failing at) and sound national defense.

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