Coffee + Apple Powerbook 17″ G4 = 6 Hours Laptop Surgery

If you spend as much time on your computer as I do, you start to take concern for its well being. Most of the time this involves doing regular backups (Not the best at that), running software updates to protect your sweet lappy, and just being generally careful around your expensive equipment. Last night, for a brief moment in time I thought, “hey my lappy is running kind of slow, maybe it needs a pick me up, the kind of pick me up that only a Kayak’s Skim Latte can provide !!!”. It was then that the entire contents of this latte was spillled through the rear heat exhaust openings of my 17″ powerbook, you know cause that looked like what might have been a human mouth.

Quickly, expletives were shouted, at my realization that I had not helped my sweet lappy, but rather wounded it deeply, as my speakers crackled, and desktop froze to a grinding halt.

I thought to myself, “Quick turn it on its side to allow coffee to drain out !!” What foolishness we do when our young ones are threatened.

So next step, I dash out of the coffee shop holding laptop flat so as to halt the spread of the evil beverage throughout the chassis. I get home, tear around the house looking for the correct screwdriver to undo the chassis to get a look at the damage. I got open a few, but then was thwarted because of not having a small enough screwdriver to open up the case.

I then thought to myself, who could I call to help with through this difficult time? Who could empathize with my situation, as well as help me out of the mess I was in.

I think it is important to note at this point, that I am a web developer, and spend nearly 70 percent of my life on this laptop. I had work for a client that had parts that had not been checked into the subversion repository at work, and would be lost if I could not get the system back up and running.

Gabriel Serafini to the rescue! He had the tools, the empathy, and the know-how to get my sweet lappy back into good health.

Lets take a look!

Lappy with Case Opened Up.


More Lappy with Case Opened Up.

More Lappy with Case Opened Up. (Keyboard section upside down)

Happy Lappy!!!!!!!


Thanks Gabriel!

Now my sweet lappy is running great, the speakers no longer crackle, and I was able to get a lot of the little orange balls in my laptop case cleaned out.

Anyone else found little orange balls that look like Fish Rouge (found often on sushi) in their laptop case?

The most current theory is that this is actually adhesive that has formed into pellets from the hear emitted from my laptop.