SVN is such a nice tool. I use it on a daily basis to deploy web sites and applications. It is great for developing collaboratively, and for sleeping soundly at night knowing that no matter how bad I screwed it up today, the last known good version is only a wink away!!

Without further adu, here is a nice little snippet from the SVN Red Book, concerning SVN ADD. This little trick is nice for when you need to add a new directory to project already in version control.

Version Control with Subversion For Subversion 1.1
Normally, the command svn add * will skip over any directories that are already under version control. Sometimes, however, you may want to add every unversioned object in your working copy, including those hiding deeper down. Passing the --force option makes svn add recurse into versioned directories:

$ svn add * --force
A         foo.c
A         somedir/bar.c
A         otherdir/docs/baz.doc