Google Maps Plugin For WordPress

I cant tell you how grateful I am for this plugin. It has saved me sooo much time!!!

Not sure if I should thank Chris or Abigail, but
… You ROCK!

» Google Maps Plugin For WordPress
Google Maps Plugin For WordPress

Well, it appears that I have a version that I can release to the public of Phoogle that’s been modified to work as a WordPress plugin. Everything seems to be working great; I added an admin page so that you won’t have to edit the plugin to make changes to the Maps. As of right now you can display maps with the default setting size or add custom width, height, and zoom to the specific post, You can display the regular Google Map or you can display the map as a Satellite image. You can plot multiple points and add information about each individual point using some simple HTML.

The great thing about this plugin unlike most of the Google Map plugins is that you don’t have to know the quardinates of each point on the map to plot points. I found it to be a real pain in the ass to go and find the Latitude and Longitude of each address I wanted to display on my map. So with the Phoogle approach, you only need to know the address to plot points on a map. If you are a Geo GPS geek then you can also plot points by using the quardinates if you wish. The one bad thing about this plugin (I haven’t corrected this part yet) is that you need to have the Exec-PHP plugin for WordPress to add points and custom settings to your maps.