Subversion Properties – SVN:ignore

This will actually help to not let .DS_STORE files into a Subversion source code repository.
Protect yourself, beforeyou wreck yourself I say! (Note taken from the early english saying “Check yoself, befo you wreck yoself!”)

SVN Properties

The svn:ignore property contains a list of file patterns which certain Subversion operations will ignore. Perhaps the most commonly used special property, it works in conjunction with the global-ignores run-time configuration option (see the section called “Config”) to filter unversioned files and directories out of commands svn status, svn add, and svn import.

The rationale behind the svn:ignore property is easily explained. Subversion does not assume that every file or subdirectory in a working copy directory is intended for version control. Resources must be explicitly placed under Subversion’s management using the svn add or svn import commands. As a result, there are often many resources in a working copy that are not versioned.