This website is hosting some very interesting conversations regarding distributed systems and topics on concurrency.  The above link is to a conversation about Causality. The root of the conversation deals with how systems can maintain the consistency of a state of a database or a document.  Warning: The conversation is very scholarly, but it does a really nice job at describing the current best theories on concurrent data systems.

I use BigCouch at the company I work for, where we build Kazoo, a distributed communications platform for Voice / Video / Text etc.

I will no doubt be continuing to watch these conversations over at

All you linux sysadmin types, be on the lookout for this tasty treat.  After having done damage control from a rootkit attack in the past, I try to stay as up to date as possible on these types of attacks.

Your welcome 🙂

Here is a helpful Subversion Command to set the svn keyword svn:ignore on all of the directories from a certain location.

svn propset svn:ignore '*' .

This has proven very helpful in situations where I have a web site that has a directory structure that is dynamic to the web application.

I do not want all of those files in version control as they are not the same from one deployment to the next.  They also typically match the database entries, which vary from one deployment to another.