If the title of this blog post doesn’t explain it enough here it is.

This evening, well early morning, I was trying to get XML_RPC to install as the native extension.  I had previously install PHP 5.1.6 with the mbstring extension enabled to make a pesky phpMyAdmin error about it go away.

Well this time it caught up with me.  I tries to compile PHP with the same previous settings, now adding XML_RPC.  Well thank heavens for the bug tracking system at PHP, I found out why I failed.

Here is the link to why it failed.

Hope this can help someone out there! Until next time, happy coding, and remember, always practice safe hex.

I posted earlier on how to Get Rich with PHP5.

In that article Rasmus Lerdorf writes about how to use a certain set of debugging tools as well as PECL packages and database modifications to really tweak some serious speed out of your PHP web application.

I use a powerbook G4 for my PHP hackery, so some of the tools he mentioned are not available with a deault OSX 10.4 installation.  So I thought, hey lets write a how to install to make this work!!

First lets get a little tool called http_load. Get it here.

Untar the file.

tar zxvf http_load-12mar2006.tar.gz

run make

I recommend copying http_load to a directory like /usr/local/bin or /usr/local/sbin … basically somewhere in your path 🙂

Now lets install kcachegrind.  For that, follow this link over to the stray notes blog.

Stray Notes » Blog Archive » Running Kcachegrind on Mac OSX 10.4
Running Kcachegrind on Mac OSX 10.4

Now with both of those installed, you should be ready to go!

Debug your hearts out people!

I love Robert Cringely’s pulpit column at PBS.org.
He always has a depth to his analysis that I appreciate.

Last week, he talked about YouTube because c’mon, WHO HASN’T! For crying out loud, my grandmother asked me about it. If there is anyone out there who says that YouTube isn’t a common household word, I challenge you!!! My grandmother knows about YouTube. I cant get over it.

The most quoteable line from the article in my opinion is

“YouTube is the factory outlet of commercial television, at least for now.”

He says this because he feels like the big media conglomerates are going to be dumping old television pilots and series that never made primetime, have already been paid for, yet give their network visibility.

We shall see.

Is YouTube the next evolution of TV? Robert seems to think that it is up to us! That is because it is a social network. It ceases to be used when people dont use it.

Thanks Robert for your column!