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Making a better iCal

A few days ago, Merlin Mann mentioned on his 43 Folders site that he’d be interested in a small enhancement for iCal. Out of the box, iCal only adds an alarm to events if you manually add it – strange behavior, considering a calendar is the tool to alert us to upcoming events. He asked for automatic creation of those alarms.

At the same time, I was looking to delve a bit deeper into OSX programming. And it was also sufficiently small that I could turn it into an experiment on productivity.

This sounds like a really interesting practice to get into. I think it will really stretch me out in terms of my approach to software design. Always good to get the grey cells crankin!

Code Kata
How do you get to be a great musician? It helps to know the theory, and to understand the mechanics of your instrument. It helps to have talent. But ultimately, greatness comes practicing; applying the theory over and over again, using feedback to get better every time.

How do you get to be an All-Star sports person? Obviously fitness and talent help. But the great athletes spend hours and hours every day, practicing.

But in the software industry we take developers trained in the theory and throw them straight in to the deep-end, working on a project. It’s like taking a group of fit kids and telling them that they have four quarters to beat the Redskins (hey, we manage by objectives, right?). In software we do our practicing on the job, and that’s why we make mistakes on the job. We need to find ways of splitting the practice from the profession. We need practice sessions.

The Spamassassin chronicles continue, now I know how to manually whitelist a single user or an entire domain of users. See below for the technique.

ManualWhitelist – Spamassassin Wiki
Whitelisting a user

Adding a user to your whitelist gives them a -100 score, which has the effect of always marking their mail as non-spam.

To manually whitelist a particular address, say d.cary@sparkingwire.com, edit your local user prefs file ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs:

# whitelist David Cary:
whitelist_from d.cary@sparkingwire.com

Whitelist and blacklist addresses are file-glob-style patterns, so friend@somewhere.com, *@isp.com, or *.domain.net will all work.

# whitelist everyone at sparkingwire.com:
whitelist_from *@sparkingwire.com

SpamAssassin is a great open source software package that provides bayesian spam filtering for email. It is very customizable, and has lots of cool 3rd party plugins for making your life as a server administrator just that much easier.

Lately I was configuring SpamAssassin to do some filtering and needed a way to test that the spam filters were being tripped. Without writing emails that were chock full of obscene words, I found the default text string that triggers an email to be flagged automatically as SPAM.


I know this will help some wandering server administrator out there somewhere!

Check out this nice set of instructions for getting Ruby on Rails set up on Mac OSX.

The Hivelogic Narrative: Articles: Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger
Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger

Technology | Web Design | Development | Mac OS X | Ruby on Rails | 12.01.05 – 09:22 PM

What follows are updated instructions for manually building and installing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and LightTPD on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

This is a nice list of items to run your web application through in order to make sure you are at least being a bit paranoid about security. I hope to make it through this list on a number of apps I have been working on the next couple of days.

Web Application Testing cheatsheet | SecGuru
Web Application Testing cheatsheet
cheatsheet’s picture

From Param Singh

A handy cheatsheet which points out web application vulnerabilities that should be checked during a penetration test assignment. New web vulnerabilities will be added to this cheatsheet. Please feel free to comment and help us in making this cheatsheet better !

Another one bites the dust……

Macworld: News: Yahoo buys social bookmarking firm Del.icio.us
By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service

Yahoo has acquired Del.icio.us, a New York-based startup that is considered a pioneer in social bookmarking, a type of online service that lets users save, annotate and tag links to their favorite Web pages and share their lists with other users.

Both Yahoo and Del.icio.us separately announced the deal on Friday afternoon (U.S. eastern time) via postings on official blogs. Financial terms were not disclosed.