Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Saw this on my Google personalized homepage and it made me think a bit. We all need a little stretching now and again. If we are working on being mentally “fit” we will stretch constantly. It is interesting the parallels between the athlete stretching after a hard workout, and this comment by Holmes. The athlete stretches to gain flexibility, and to acheive a higher degree of quickness in the future. The thinker, hopefully all of us not just athletes, needs to be stretched just as much. If we are never stretching, then we are getting Lazy. Lazy thought is the biggest problem in the world today. It is the root of apathy, and the killer of progressive thinking.

Just a thought. Tell me what you think.

No doubt I will have to partake in this little hack.
The hack of the hardware… it calls to me!

The Open Source WRT54G Story

The Open Source WRT54G Story
By Aaron Weiss

November 8, 2005

The story of the Linksys Wireless-G Router (model WRT54G) and how you can turn a $60 router into a $600 router is a little bit CSI and a little bit Freaks & Geeks. It’s also the story of how the open source movement can produce a win-win scenario for both consumers and commercial vendors. What’s especially exciting is that tricking out this router doesn’t require any eBay sleuthing or other hunt for some off-the-wall piece of hardware. Instead, grab it off-the-shelf. The WRT54G is stacked high in every Best Buy and Circuit City across the country and, of course, most online retailers — sells it for $55. It’s ubiquitous and, some would say, a diamond in the rough. Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Putting this here for a good reference in the future.
Gotta love the old school VI editin’

Wow! I Didn’t Know You Could Do That In vi compiled by: Patricia Bender ESC = the escape key RET = the return key char = any lowercase character 8 = any number num = any number ^char = control character (hold the control key while enter character) return must be hit after : commands

I knew that web technology would bring ease and comfort to my life! I can now help my mom out with a lot less trouble. This brings me a lot of happiness.

Be sure to check these guys out.

New Technology Tips and Tricks: Put GeekSquad Out of Business
Saturday, November 05, 2005
Put GeekSquad Out of Business

Whenever there is a computer problem in my family or circle of friends, I’m the first person they call. It’s kinda like what Jay-Z describes as the gift and the curse. I’m gifted to know all of this computer stuff, but I’m cursed to spend the rest of my life doing tech support for everyone.

The problem was that it was hard to get people to click on the right things to diagnose the problem over the phone. I spent a lot of time just figuring out basic informaton about their setup before I could actually fix the problem for them. I wanted a way that I could just remote desktop into their computer and while on the phone with them find and fix the problem, and explain what I’m doing at the same time, so that they understand and can fix it themselves the next time.

Up until recently there were two ways to do this. You had to install a VNC or Remote Desktop type program on the person’s machine then forward all of the ports in their router (and hope nobody messes with them). Or you could pay for an expensive service such as which sets up an online helpdesk.

Here is the best (free) way to do the same thing that GoToAssist charges hundreds for…